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by David Nield on October 7, 2009

Paint has been given a visual revamp for Windows 7.

Paint has been given a visual revamp for Windows 7.

We’re used to Windows coming with a number of handy extras, and Windows 7 is no exception. Some of these programs are old friends from earlier versions of Windows, though some have been given a makeover and there are some new ones too.

For example, the calculator program has been around since the earliest versions of Windows, but it now has additional scientific and programmer modes to help with more specialist uses. New in Windows 7 is the Math Input Panel – aimed at tablet PC users, it enables you to hand write a formula using a stylus or the mouse and translates it into characters that you can cut and paste into another application. The Sound Recorder and Paint programs are still there, though Paint now has a new look to its toolbar. The Snipping Tool is carried over from Vista too, enabling you to take a grab of the whole screen or any section of it. Vista users will notice that the Windows Sidebar function has disappeared from the Accessories menu (you can still use gadgets but they can now be placed anywhere on the desktop).

You’ll find a number of accessory programs for performing text operations. The Notepad and WordPad tools are still present in Windows 7, though you’ll find that the latest version of WordPad looks rather different. The program now has an Office 2007-style toolbar providing access to all of the text formatting functions (you can change the style of the text and its layout, though the program lacks a spell checker). A new feature in Windows 7 is the Sticky Notes accessory that you can use to place reminders on your desktop – you can drag a note to any position and change their colours to make them stand out.

(For a complete guide to the bonus software included with Windows 7, look out for The Essential Windows 7 Handbook, on sale from Magnesium Media from the 8th of October).

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sucheta mishra August 21, 2010 at 2:50 am

Window 7 is the ultimate thing I ever used. Now I love to keep stuck to my
lappy. High definition is what I always wanted. That’s good that you solved
my quriosity about accessories. But you must add something new

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