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ZSoft Uninstaller

Identify programs you no longer need and successfully remove them, and all their associated registry entries, from your system

Filesize: 1170KB
Licence: Freeware
Restrictions: None
System: XP/ 2000/ Vista
Version: 2.5 (15/05/10)

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PC Utilities review:

Uninstalling software that's outstayed its welcome can be something of a pain, particularly when the program in question either lacks an uninstall routine or the one it comes with proves sadly defective. It sometimes feels as though software developers can't bear the thought of you giving their program the boot. Either that or they're simply indifferent to helping you to get a product off your machine once you're done with it. Manually navigating your system and deleting every trace a program leaves frankly isn't a task worth contemplating, and removing items via Window's Add Or Remove Programs routine can be hit and miss without a program-specific uninstaller.

ZSoft's Uninstaller offers an alternative method for safely extracting software that you no longer require. First off, the program enables you to create a list of programs you know you're never likely to want to remove from your system. You can hide those products to one side, meaning your working list of programs you can potentially remove is much easy to navigate. With your core applications out of view, spotting and extracting extraneous tools is a comparatively easy task. Use this feature and you'll significantly reduce the likelihood of you removing something by accident, too.

In terms of uninstalling software, ZSoft Uninstaller can search for dead registry links and temporary files, which are suitable for being deleted but have instead been abandoned on your machine. In this way, the program can help keep your system free from useless clutter and keep it running at its best.

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